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Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Taxi Transferer




Hey Guys, I'm Marie, I'm a Vegan. I am a huge animal lover & have been passionate about animal care since a very young age. I am qualified in business, ICT & I have a health & social care diploma. I have always grown up around pets and was even called the Cat Girl by people who knew me. I have always been passionate about working with animals. I have a cat called Fluffy & a adorable chihuahua  called Chico.

Meet Our Carers

Marie's Doggy Day Care is a couple run animal care service and was founded by Marie Antoniou and Jake Shaw.


Covering North London (Enfield, Palmers Green, Southgate and Winchmore Hill) Marie's Doggy Day Care offer a range of animal care services including - dog and puppy walking, animal taxi transfer services, cat and kitten sitting, dog and puppy sitting and small animal sitting services.


For more information about the areas we cover please visit our areas covered page.


All carers are canine first aid trained, CRB/DBS checked (Criminal Record Bureau) and share a love and passion for animal care.


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CRB Checked              First Aid Trained

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Dog Psychology & The Pack Leader Approach

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We understand how important your pet is to you and your family and leaving them is never an enjoyable experience - even if it is just for a walk. This is why our business was created with the love and passion that you and your pet deserves. When you join us at Marie's Doggy Day Care, you will not only gain a service and a carer, but a friend.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being a business you can trust and we will go out our way to make that happen. To every single one of us at Marie's Doggy Day Care your happiness is our happiness.

Not only is your dog's walking experience important to us but also the way they travel, this is why we chose the fully ventilated, luxury Peugeot Expert to escort your lovable pooch around with their friends - furthering their travelling experience and relaxation.


For more information please visit our Facebook page.

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Pack Leader

Marie's Doggy Day Care, Enfield London,

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Animal Taxi Transfer Service


Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green, Southgate, Winchmore Hill

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On the 9th March 2017 our dearest doggy Chico passed away peacefully. Chico was a friend to many of our doggies at MDDC and he will be greatly missed. Chico was the reason for the idea and for the opening of Marie's Doggy Day Care, and your unconditional love and outgoing personality will forever shine through out our business. Thank you for being the incredible, wonderful dog that you are and for blessing our lives for nine wondeful years.



Until we meet again....

In Loving Memory of Chico...


Chico Wayne Johnson


4/10/07 - 9/03/17

From the moment a dog is born it's mother begins training her pups. She controls when they eat, how far they can travel, when to play - she gives them rules, boundries and limitations - she is the pack leader. As the dog grows older and eventually leaves the mother to join a family the role of pack leader often and unconsciously transfers to the pet and the humans become their follower.

When the human is a pack follower and not the pack leader problems develop. The dog ignores the human, becomes possessive, pulls on the lead and walks in front, runs away, demands attention, will try and bite anyone who comes near certain people, mounts other dogs and may eventually become aggressive. All of this happens because the dog controls the human.


A pack leader always projects calm, assertive energy. This energy allows the pack leader to influence the followers and lay down rules, boundries and limitations which the follower obeys. At Marie's Doggy Day Care our carers use the pack leader approach (calm, assertive energy) to take the position of pack leader. This approach allows the dog to see the carer as the leader, to trust the carer in all situations and for the carer to be in full control of the walk.