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By Maries Doggy Day Care, Oct 21 2015 01:06PM

Hello everyone,

If you haven't heard already Marie's Doggy Day Care are proud to annouce the pending arrival of our brand new van available for dog walking, pet sitting and pet taxi services in Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green, Southgate and Winchmore Hill, North London.

For more information about our van, check back for further blog posts or alternatively check out our facebook page at - www.facebook.com/mariesdoggydaycare

Have a wonderful day

Marie's Doggy Day Care

By Maries Doggy Day Care, Feb 9 2015 11:05AM

It is important to give your dog rules, boundaries and limitations. By making your dog walk beside you or behind you he will see you as his pack leader. He will give you his loyalty, trust and respect.

Below we have provided you with a few rules which will help you to become an effective pack leader and to earn your dogs trust, loyalty and respect.

Rules for the walk

- Pack leaders always project calm, assertive energy. Before even putting the lead on your dog make sure you have calm, assertive energy, if not your dog will pick up on this and he will see that you are too unstable to be an effective pack leader.

- Before any change of decision you make with your dog make sure they are in a calm submissive state. If they are to excited, anxious, aggressive or anything other than calm submissive this energy will follow through on the walk. Wait until they become calm submissive before putting the lead on, carrying on with a walk, and taking the lead off - even if you have to wait five minutes, they will understand what you want from them after a few attempts.

- In the wild pack followers are always being given rules, boundaries and limitations from the pack leader. One of these rules is that they must not pass the pack leader. The leader must ALWAYS walk in front of the follower. If you've ever wondered why your dog is super excited, pulls on the lead, barks at other dogs (aggressively or anxiously) it is because of this reason - your dog is the pack leader. One of the pack leaders jobs is to protect the rest of the pack from danger, so if your dog is walking in front of you - THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WILL DO!! PROTECT YOU!!!! If you guide your dog to walk beside or behind you he will see you as his pack leader - he will respect you, be loyal to you and most of all he will trust you on the walk to protect him, as oppose to the other way round.

These are techniques which we at Marie's Doggy Day Care use with our clients, this is what seperates us from every other dog walker in London! - The result? a happy dog!

These are just a few of the steps to becoming an effective pack leader. If you have any questions please post them below.

Have a wonderful day,

Marie's Doggy Day Care

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