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By Maries Doggy Day Care, Oct 21 2015 01:06PM

Hello everyone,

If you haven't heard already Marie's Doggy Day Care are proud to annouce the pending arrival of our brand new van available for dog walking, pet sitting and pet taxi services in Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green, Southgate and Winchmore Hill, North London.

For more information about our van, check back for further blog posts or alternatively check out our facebook page at - www.facebook.com/mariesdoggydaycare

Have a wonderful day

Marie's Doggy Day Care

By Maries Doggy Day Care, Feb 19 2015 01:45PM


My dog is scared of children or doesn't like them, she is very agressive and tries to attack them, it is horrifying! I don't know why she is like it, but can u offer any advise?




Nine times out of ten it is usually anxiety or protection instincts that fuels a dog towards aggression, not aggression itself. What many people don't realise is that If your dog is the pack leader and you allow him to walk in front of you then he wil most defintely become protective of you. In the wild, one of the canine pack leaders jobs is to protect the rest of the pack and even though your dog is a domestic one they still have these natural instincts.

This situation is very dangerous for you, your dog and others who come into contact with your dog so it is important that you take control and allow your dog to see you as her pack leader.


- Before putting the lead on, leaving your home, getting in and out the car and any changes one the walk make sure your dog is in a calm, submissive state. Many people think that when their dog is jumping around they are simply excited and it is harmless - this is not the case! Excitement can cause problems on the walk and eventually lead to aggression.

- Place the lead at the top of the neck near the ears and guide your dog to walk beside you. If he begins to walk ahead tug the lead towards you quickly and then relax the lead again, this will snap her brain out of excitement and will also tell her that you want her to walk beside you. You can use this same technique with aggression.

- REMAIN CALM ASSERTIVE! This is the most important rule - an effective pack leader whether it is human or canine always projects calm assertive energy - they do not get angry, upset, frustrated or anything else other than calm assertive energy. If you do not remain calm assertive your dog will pick up on this and see you as an unstable leader, they will then see it as their job to take over.

- A lot of excitement and frustration with dogs can be caused because of sexual urges. If your dog has not yet been spayed we highly recommend this! This will not only help her with her frustration but will help you to control and guide also!

Best wishes Mindy!

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